Creative Tools and Resources for More Social Sharing Fun



In a modern time where we all love to share different kind of interesting stuff on social media platforms, it is very useful to know some useful and creative ideas, tools and resources for creating sharable material. Mostly we like to share media files like as images, Quotes, Infographics and videos on those social platforms. For a non-graphic designer it is always difficult to make those media files interesting. Below you will know some creative ways and resources for creating more creative social sharing fun.

Where to find popular Quotes

There are many ways to find popular Quotes from famous persons. We can find quotes in a book, newspaper, magazine or any other places easily. There are some online resources as well which is very useful in finding popular quotes as per categorization. Below sites will help you in it:-




Sites helpful in creating photos, quotes, videos for social sites

Now you can use your websites for more photo editing and other media editing. It will give you many options including effects, readymade stickers, texts, fonts, shapes and much more things to use. All these resources will help you in making cool and interesting graphics:-






Online Photo editing tools for creating more social fun

There are many tools available online for image editing. It will give you many features access online which is coming with professional photo editing tools. These are free and useful tools for image editing in personal social sharing. You can show your creativity with these tools over social networks:-






Android Smartphone and tablet apps for Creative Social fun

Smartphone and Tablet devices have become part of day to day life. So most of us now like to use social platforms and networks via these high end devices. Seeing utility of having apps for making social shareable images, quotes and videos on these devices are required. Below are some most useful Smartphone and Tablet apps which will help you in doing more creativity:-

· InstaQuote

· Color Splash Photo

· Phonto – Text on Image


Let us know below in comments if you have any query or suggestion regarding this topic.

Most popular Smart Chat apps for connecting and social sharing

Chat apps for connecting and social sharing

Social connecting via modern smart tech devices has made up possibilities to share fun, knowledge around the globe. Now people are more comfortable to share things with others using latest technology for Social connections. Coming of handheld devices is making it possible to connect socially while we are working, walking and talking. There are a lot of apps available on respective app stores of manufacturers of smart devices. Here is list of some most popular smart chat apps for connecting and social sharing:-

1. Facebook:- It is all in one solution in term of availability between cross platforms of devices. Facebook is very much popular for social connecting and sharing. In developing countries many people are knowing social connect and sharing over internet via Facebook only. Even people living in outside of villages have started using Facebook for social connect and share.

2. Line:- It is a popular free chat, call and SMS service providing app. It is very helpful for making conversations with your known contacts in easy way. You can make free unlimited voice calling with this app. Most countries users are using Line as calling app. It is rated no.1 popular app among 52 countries worldwide.

3. Skype:- Most of us already using this chat and calling solution over desktops since its first release in 2003. We all know importance of skype in making cheap international calls, video calls, voice calls etc. It has latest apps and support for well known platforms and devices available in market.

4. Whatsapp:- As technology changes new devices comes in market to use. With latest new tech devices with Android, iOS and Windows OS’s people needed more features to connect and share things. Whatsapp have done this on larger scale and become one of the best trending connect app on new platforms and devices. It has become best instant messaging app over market.

5. WeChat:- It is another popular Instant messaging app which is widely loved by people around the world. It is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10. It has a lot of new features like as animated stickers, saving favorite clips during chat sessions, easy friends connecting, swipe to right to return from a chat, scanning feature, game playing option with friends and many more.

6. BlackBerry Messenger:- It is best chat, video calling and messaging option of business loving person. Recently Blackberry has come up to android and iOS platforms as well. It will be huge advantage for business users to have BBM services on their other handheld devices as well. It is very easy to share pictures, videos, status with friends via BBM.

7. Gtalk:- Google services are very popular among us. Gtalk is a Google service for making video calls, voice calls, chat messaging, VOIP etc. It is good option for connecting people who’s having Gmail accounts. Gtalk is very popular among people around the world. It is available to use on Android, Blackberry OS, Linux, Maemo, webOS, Symbian, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS, Mac OS X platforms.

All above apps are popular in term of social connect and sharing worldwide. If haven’t started using some of above listed apps, you are missing social connecting experience on high end devices. Let us know below in comments if you have any query or suggestion regarding social connect apps.

Latest Technology for social connect and activities over Internet

LogoAs of now Social media has larger impact on our lifestyle. There are many popular social networking sites, apps, programs, platforms available to do social interactions. These social interactions are helpful in making knowledge doors open to everyone worldwide. These tech platforms are helpful in doing many social activities like as get together, fun sharing, app connecting & playing, making relationships and many more. Have a look over below picture for more detailed tasks done with social interactions using text, image and video:-


Recent social connecting and activities happening around the world

  • Social Networking sites:- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Digg, Reddit are some of well known social networking platforms we are using for fun and knowledge. We all love to do sharing over those networking sites in easy way in form of text, images or videos.
  • 3D chat rooms and Virtual Living:- 3D chat worlds and virtual living is latest concept people love to do online. On these virtual living sites users will have environment to do many social tasks and activities with other users in a 3D environment. It is kind of virtual living where users enjoy things sitting on a chair with their computer or handheld devices.
  • Social connecting mobile apps:- Android, iOS and Windows apps are becoming more and more popular these days in term of connecting people around the world. There are many cool chat apps, social networking and fun sharing apps available on these platforms to have much more fun. Some of popular social connecting apps like WhatsApp, Line, WeChat etc. are doing great in connecting people.
  • Audio and video chatting options:- With most recent revolution in apps for popular handheld device OS’s users are getting smarter day by day. All these smart apps are very helpful in doing audio and video chat with their known person, relatives and friends. It has become very easy to do video call with handheld devices in recent tech environment.
  • Get together options via latest Technologies:- using latest technology devices users can share their locations, get together places, meeting timings & real time sharing of get together.
  • Technology for Social causes, changes and revolutions:- In recent time it is becoming trend to raise social issues over social networking sites. People do like to share social causes & activities over social networks.
  • Connecting worldwide cultures, groups and humanities:- Current Social engagement of people is very handy for users. By the latest tech devices people are knowing cultures, groups, communities all over the world. People start believing in making relations cross boundaries of countries.
  • Unlimited access to knowledge of world to anyone:- All modern devices are coming up with latest Internet connectivity support, Which making possible for users to have unlimited access to knowledge of worldwide aspects.

And there are many more things happening around the world with latest technology devices. Let us know in below comments if you have any suggestion about latest social trends in networking.


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